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May 27, 2020

Episode 107


You don’t have to call a handyman every time something goes haywire in your house. Today we are talking about 4 things every homeowner or renter should know how to do. 


The first thing is Unclogging a Drain. Harsh,chemicals shouldn’t be your first option when a sink drain gets clogged. A longer term solution is a small plunger or drain snake to work out the problem mechanically. After you’ve removed the primary clog, clean out smelly gunk by putting a cup of baking soda in the drain followed by four cups of boiling water; then chase with a cup of vinegar. The chemical reaction will jar any remaining debris loose and leave the drain smelling fresh.

Next you should always know where Your Main Water Shutoff Valve is in case anything springs a leak. Look near the perimeter of the house at ground level nearest your water meter. The shutoff valve might be in a basement, crawlspace, closet or garage, but should never be covered over with drywall; look for an access panel. You can also shut off your water from the outside water meter, but the valve might require special tools to turn. 

You should also be able to Find a Wall Stud If you’re hanging a picture or shelf. Start by locating an electrical outlet along the wall, since the receptacles are typically fastened to one side of a stud. Studs should be located every 16 inches or so. Tap on the drywall and It should sound hollow as you move to the left or right. As the sound changes, that indicates where the stud is. If you have a really bright flashlight, point it alongside the drywall and it will show any imperfections. If you find a string of indentations, that’s where nails are — that’s the stud.”

Change the Air Filters on Your HVAC System every month. It’s important to schedule a maintenance checkup for your HVAC system every spring and fall, but in the meantime, filters need to be checked once a month. Dirty filters shorten the lifespan of your system. 

Pro Tip - keep your thermostat at 68 in the winer and 78 in the summer for highest efficiency. 



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May 26, 2020






American biotech company Novavax has started the first human study of its experimental coronavirus vaccine and expects initial results on safety and immune responses in July. Last week, Moderna reported positive development on its vaccine trial: all 45 participants had developed coronavirus antibodies. Merck plans to work alongside IAVI, a non-profit scientific research organization, to develop a potential vaccine against the coronavirus. (CNBC)


Lumber prices for July delivery are up 46% from a low on April 1 and 15% higher than a year ago, indicating a rebound in construction demand. With trade tensions with China worsening, don't expect construction costs to go down: the exact opposite is possible. (WSJ)

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May 25, 2020






The US could finally be free of the coronavirus in late September, and the whole world can expect to put the pandemic behind them in December, say scientists in Singapore. The rosy forecasts are from the Singapore University of Technology and Design, where researchers are using artificial intelligence to continually update their charting of the pandemic’s “life cycle” by country. (NY POST)



There is now $32 billion worth of commercial property loans in “special servicing” as of May, or more than double the late-February tally when the coronavirus deepened its hold on the U.S. (Marketwatch)

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May 22, 2020






Oxford University researchers have immunised 1,000 people in the first phase of their Covid-19 vaccine trial and have begun recruiting more than 10,000 volunteers for the second stage. The US Senate adjourned for a 10-day recess without considering a $3tn-plus economic relief bill passed in the House of Representatives. (FT)



Apple sold 3.9 million iPhones in China in April, according to CINNO Research, a 160% increase from March. Record-shattering gain headlines often follow those really dreadful loss headlines.....

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May 21, 2020






Just Private equity firms across the globe hold an estimated $328 billion in dry powder for real estate deployment, according to the data firm Preqin Ltd. Of course (shockingly) the divide between what sellers are willing to discount and what buyers are seeking in a discount are far apart.....(BLOOMBERG)
The Congressional Budget Office projects GDP dropping 38% in the second quarter as 26 million Americans remain unemployed. As the economy re-starts - however - we could see resurging GROWTH figures in the third and/or fourth quarters that could be equally as headline-worthy...  The forecast is about in line with most Wall Street projections. The CBO sees the federal budget deficit swelling to $2.2 trillion in fiscal 2020.
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May 20, 2020

Episode 101: Closet Organization


Welcome to episode 101 of Getting Housed with Paul and maybe Brent.


Today we are talking about how to keep your closet organized. 


In storage hooks are your best friend. Get organized by putting a large hook on the front of your closet door, which is designated for rejected clothes. Meaning, when you’re trying things on but decide not to wear them, place them on this hook. It keeps them clean and wrinkle free.


When it comes to accessories, there are a few ways you can organize them. Try to put little hooks on the inside of the door for necklaces and hats. And for smaller accessories, like my ring or bangle, you can use eclectic cups or saucers to store them in a drawer. 


If you have open shelving in your closet metal bookends make great dividers for piles of clothes [closet metal bookend is my new band name]. Try to limit your stacks to five items or fewer. 


Tension Rods for Shoes is the best thing since sliced bread. A few lightweight tension rods are a great solution for keeping your shoes out of the heap on the bottom of your closet. You might need two rods for heels. . Use one rod to handle your heels and two parallel rods for holding your flats.

Protip: Get rid of mismatched hangers to give your closet uniformity and reduce clutter.

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May 19, 2020

Episode 103: Things to do while social distancing



  1. My personal favorite is drink wine. I went to TJ’s and got 7 bottles just in case we have to shelter in place. I’ve also been doing virtually happy hour with friends I don’t often see. It makes you feel like less of an alcoholic. 

  2. The next thing you can do is a puzzle. I have always loved puzzles, but this gives me an excuse to just sit and complete my 1000 piece puzzle. 

  3. Design a work from home space. You want to designate a space in your home that you associate with work, that way you can leave it or hide it away when you're off the clock. Because I am a realtor I am never off the clock. Money doesn’t sleep.  I also spent hours online looking for a standing desk. It really passed the time. 

  4. Some people are turning to cooking. That has never been my jam and I’m not about to start now, but maybe you should.  

  5. Get a jump start on your spring cleaning and home maintenance. Get that spice rack in order. Throw away things you don’t use. & maybe get your AC or Chimney inspected, clean out the gutters, inspect your shingles.  

  6. Workout from home. I want to thank F45 U St for putting out a 30 minute at home workout everyday. It’s been keeping me tight and motivated. 

  7. Lastly, read a damn book, go for a walk in nature, sleep a little more and take a vitamin C & have a nice sit.  


Pro Tip - there is probably a way to do it virtually.  


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May 19, 2020





Overall, 8.16% of all mortgages were in forbearance as of May 10, meaning borrowers can either skip or make reduced payments. That was up from 7.91% as of May 3, which is the smallest increase since March. Forbearance requests dropped from 0.52% of the total mortgage volume to 0.32%. The job losses caused by the coronavirus have largely been concentrated in the service sector, according to a report from First American Financial. Because these jobs are lower skilled and lower paid, it’s less likely that the newly unemployed already owned homes. (Marketwatch)
Asian economies such as Taiwan and Hong Kong appear to have contained the spread of the coronavirus within their borders, with the number of daily new cases slowing to a trickle in the last few weeks.
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May 18, 2020






Why isn't the Compass brand on the mask?  We believe in protecting and supporting those impacted by this disease and in no way want to benefit from or take attention away from the core issue at hand - protecting our loved ones and supporting those negatively impacted by the pandemic. Brand actions that reflect an opportunistic or tone-deaf understanding of the issue at hand can result in consumer distrust. At Compass, we are focused on ensuring we are building trust and being good neighbors in our communities. Even if a branded mask offends 5% of those who see it, that can be extremely damaging. These are very sensitive times that require extremely sensitive messaging.



Mortgage rates are not an exact science, so there are some lenders now offering even lower, 3.00% and even 2.75%-2.875% rates for perfect scenarios. There are also lenders remaining at higher rates. (CNBC)

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May 15, 2020






Congress' stimulus package gave US homeowners with a mortgage backed by the government the right to pause their monthly payments if they experience hardship. Through early May, the Mortgage Bankers Association estimates that almost 4 million U.S. borrowers (nearly 8% of residential mortgages in a weekly survey) are in forbearance, meaning that they still owe the payments eventually but can skip them for now without penalty. (WSJ)


Yesterday estate agents, removal firms and conveyancers in the UK began reopening, making physical viewings and valuations possible under social distancing guidelines.Across Europe, the virus has now been slowing since early April, according to Johns Hopkins. The U.K.’s plan to revive the battered housing market could help unlock about 82 billion pounds ($100 billion) of deals (around 373,000 deals) put on hold by the government’s coronavirus lockdown, though prices could take some time to recover. (Bloomberg)
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